Scientific Name:
Blechnum discolor (G.Forst.) Keyserl. (1873)
  • Osmunda discolor G.Forst. (1786)
  • Gymnopteris discolor (G.Forst.) Bernh. (1805)
  • Onoclea discolor (G.Forst.) Sw. (1806)
  • Hemionitis discolor (G.Forst.) Schkuhr (1809)
  • Lomaria discolor (G.Forst.) Willd. (1810)
  • Stegania discolor (G.Forst.) A.Rich. (1832)
  • Spicanta discolor (G.Forst.) Kuntze (1891)
  • Struthiopteris discolor (G.Forst.) Ching (1940)
Vernacular Name(s):
Crown fern; Petipeti; piupiu; Tāniwhaniwha; Turukio
Rhizome very stout, often produced into an erect caudex up to 30 cm. or more tall, invested by bases of fallen stipites; clad in dark subulate-attenuate paleae up to 3 cm. long; emitting stolons bearing offset plants; stipites numerous, tufted, paleate at base. Stipes stout, brown, smooth, shining, 7–20 cm. × 2–4 mm., ± pilose, becoming nude. Rhachis stout, grooved, pale brown, ± pilose. Sterile lamina thinly coriac., about lanceolate, 30–100 × 5–15 cm.; pinnate below, pinnatifid above, pinnae numerous. Pinnae diminishing upwards and downwards from mid-region; ± paleate and pilose when young; apical pinnae sts ± fertile. Larger pinnae 3–8 cm. × 5–10 mm. or more, close-set, meeting at dilated bases, narrow-oblong, straight to subfalcate, acute to subacuminate, crenulate, green above, whitish to brownish below. Veinlets evident, us. forked. Fertile lamina up to 70 × 5 cm., narrow lanceolate, erect; pinnae 2–3–(4) cm. long, linear to oblong, attached by widened sterile base, rather distant, bearing slender hairs. Sori covering all but costa, indusium becoming erose.
[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1.]
Indigenous (Endemic)
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