Scientific Name:
Viola L., Sp. Pl. 933 (1753)
Vernacular Name(s):

Herbs;  lvs in a basal rosette and/or alternate on stems.  Fls solitary, on bibracteate axillary peduncles, zygomorphic, ☿.  Sepals with basal appendages.  Petals unequal, the lower spurred.  Stamens with apical appendages, the lower 2 spurred.  Style straight or geniculate at base;  stigma globose or beaked or capitate or 2-lobed.  Capsule 3-valved, dehiscent.

[From:  Webb et al. (1988) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 4.]

Indigenous (Non-endemic)
Number of species in New Zealand within Viola L.
Indigenous (Endemic)2
Indigenous (Non-endemic)1
Exotic: Fully Naturalised4
Exotic: Casual1