Scientific Name:
Aciphylla crenulata J.B.Armstr., N.Z. Ctry. J. 3: 56 (1879)

Slender, forming rather lax tufts, up to ± 6 dm. tall. Lvs long, flexible, rather flaccid, pinnate, up to 15 cm. × 5 mm. Sheaths broad, thin; stipules slender, spinulose. Primary pinnae (1)–2–3–(4) pairs, linear, 5–15 cm. × 2–5 mm.; midrib often bright red; margins thickened, finely crenulate, tapering to pungent point. Stems of male plants very slender; infl. elongate, dense-fld but more open than in female, 1–3–(4) dm. long. Bracts ∞, spreading; sheaths short, membr.; stipules short, pungent; lamina slender, up to 4cm. long. Umbels and umbellules on long slender rays. Stems of female plants slender, with infl. up to ± 6 dm. long. Lowest bracts often empty; peduncles and rays long, slender. Fr. c. 4mm. long; mericarps 4–5-winged.

[From:  Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1.]

Indigenous (Endemic)
Armstrong, J.B. 1879: Descriptions of some new native plants. New Zealand Country Journal 3(1): 56–59.
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