Scientific Name:
Aciphylla divisa (Cheeseman) Cheeseman, Trans. & Proc. New Zealand Inst. 54: 568 (1923)
  • Aciphylla monroi var. divisa Cheeseman, Trans. New Zealand Inst. 47: 42 (1915 [1914])

Tufted plant up to ± 4 dm. tall, closely invested by dead lf-sheaths. Sheath up to 8 × 1·5 cm., submembr.; stipules very slender, c. 2 cm. long, pungent; petioles concavo-convex to flat, ± 5–6 cm. long; lowest internodes ± 2 cm. long, upper very short. Primary pinnae 4–8 pairs, 4–7 cm. × 3 mm., tapering to pungent point, margins thickened. Secondary pinnae up to c. 5 cm. long; tertiary pinnae 1 pair, ± 2–3 cm. long, pale and swollen at base as are secondary pairs. Stems of male plants up to 5 dm. × 9 mm., us. smaller, ending in ± corymbose infl. up to c. 10 cm. diam. Lower bracts up to c. 12 cm. long, often empty; sheath ± 4 × 1 cm.; stipules up to 10 × 2 mm., acicular; lamina 3–2–1-pinnate, lflts up to 4 cm. × 1 -1·5 mm., acicular. Umbels forming heads up to ± 6 cm. diam., on slender rays up to 5 cm. long; umbellules rather crowded, rays several, very slender. Stems of female plants ending in ± globose panicle up to c. 10 cm. diam. Lower bracts involucrate; sheaths broad; stipules long, subulate, pungent; lamina linear, similar to stipules. Umbels on rays up to c. 2.5 cm. long; umbellules with very slender short rays. Fr. ± 4 mm. long.

[From:  Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1.]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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