Scientific Name:
Aciphylla lyallii Hook.f., Handb. New Zealand Fl. 92 (1864)
  • = Aciphylla cuthbertiana Petrie, Trans. & Proc. New Zealand Inst. 47: 48 (1915)

Stock rather stout, simple to branched; lvs pinnate, up to c. 3 dm. long. Sheaths ± 5 × 1 cm., with pale membr. margins; stipules ± 2 cm. × 2 mm., tapering to pungent apex; petioles ± keeled, up to c. 10 cm. long, lower internodes ± 3 cm. long. Primary pinnae 2 pairs, up to 10 cm. × 3 mm., sts with short accessory pinnule; margins thickened, smooth. Rarely some specimens have simple lvs and sts lvs are exstipulate. Stems of male plants slender to rather stout, up to c. 4 dm. long including narrow infl. up to 2 dm. long. Bract-sheaths ± 4 cm. × 15 mm., thin; stipules up to 15 mm. long, linear. pungent; lamina with ± 3 pairs of pinnae up to 15 mm. long, terminal lflt up to 2 cm. long. Umbels on slender peduncles up to ± 3 cm. long; umbellules several. up to c. 1 cm. diam., on filiform unequal rays. Stems of female plants grooved, up to 9 dm. × 5 mm. including infl. ± 2 dm. long, Bracts erect, ± concealing umbels; sheaths c. 4 cm. × 10 mm., rather thick; stipules ± 10 × 2 mm., narrowed to pungent apex; lamina of 1–2 pinnae ± 3 cm. long, terminal lflt slightly longer. Umbellules few. Fr. c. 5 mm. long; mericarps 5-winged; vittae 1–2 per furrow, 2–4 commissural.

[From:  Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1.]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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