Scientific Name:
Aciphylla scott-thomsonii Cockayne & Allan, Trans. New Zealand Inst. 57: 48 (1926 [1927]) – as Aciphylla Scott-Thomsonii
Vernacular Name(s):
Giant spaniard

Forming huge tussocks up to 3 m. or more tall. Lvs up to ± 1·5 m. long, glaucous, lower 2-pinnate, upper 1-pinnate; margins rather obscurely serrulate-crenulate; midribs evident but not conspicuous. Sheaths ± 10 × 3·5 cm., tapering slightly to apex, pale yellowish, ribbed coriac. Stipules up to c. 6 cm. × 3 mm., tapering to rigid pungent point ± 3 mm. long; sts with a pair of stout basal pinnules up to 2 cm. long; Petioles ± concavo-convex. ± 20 cm. long; margins stout, minutely serrulate-crenulate; lower internodes ± 10–5 cm. long. Primary pinnae ± 35–45 cm. × 15–20 mm., widening from base, then rather abruptly narrowing to hard pungent point up to 5 mm. long; secondary similar, shorter, sts with accessory pinnules. Stems rigid, deeply grooved, 2–3–4 m. × ± 10 cm., gradually tapering to infl. ± 1m. tall. Bract-sheaths ± 10·5 × 2.5 cm., tapering slightly to apex; stipules ± 2.5 cm., rigid, tapering to hard pungent point; lamina up to c. 4 cm. long, irregularly 2-pinnate, with central lflt up to 15 cm. or more long; Umbels large, on branched peduncles or rays; male umbels ± 2–3 dm. long, females ± 1 dm. long. Umbellules ∞, rather lax, on slender rays. Fr. (4)–8–(10) mm. long; mericarps 4–3-winged.

[From:  Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1.]

Indigenous (Endemic)
Cockayne, L.; Allan, H.H. 1927 ("1926"): Notes on New Zealand floristic botany, including descriptions of new species, & c. (No. 5). Transactions of the New Zealand Institute 57: 48–72.
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