Scientific Name:
Aciphylla verticillata W.R.B.Oliv., Trans. Roy. Soc. New Zealand 84: 6 (1956)

Tufted plant up to c. 25 cm. tall. Lf-sheaths up to ± 8 cm. × 12 mm., tapering to ± 8 mm.; margins membr. Stipules up to ± 10 cm. long (sts vestigial or absent in male plants). Lamina simple, 6–10 cm. × 3–5 mm., on petiole up to c. 5 cm. long, rather flaccid, acute to acicular. Stem of male plant c. 12 cm. long to infl. c. 16 cm. long. Lower bracts in whorls of c. 7, upper fewer; sheaths narrow, ± 4 cm. long; stipules up to 2 cm. long, acicular, sts vestigial or absent; lamina up to c. 5 cm. long, linear, acicular. Umbels rather close-set, lower up to c. 6 cm. long on rather stout rays; umbellules several, ± 5 mm. diam., on very short rays. Stems of female plants stout, ribbed, ± 20 cm. long to infl. c. 20 cm. long. Lowest bracts in whorls of ± 10, distant from next whorl; sheaths 5–6 cm. × 5–10 mm.; stipules lflike, ± 5–6 cm. × 2–2.5 mm; lamina simple, c. 8 cm. long apex acicular. Umbels short, dense-fld, in heads up to 2 cm. diam; umbellules small, rays slender. Fr. c. 5 mm. long, ribbed, with persistent calyx-teeth.

[From:  Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1.]

Indigenous (Endemic)
Oliver, W.R.B. 1956: The Genus Aciphylla. (Cockayne Memorial Paper No. 2). Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand 84: 1–18.