Scientific Name:
Astelia petriei Cockayne, Trans. New Zealand Inst. 31: 419 (1899)

Colonies consisting of low broad tufts. Stem 2–2.5 cm. diam. Lvs 25–80–(100) × 2–6.5 cm., arcuate but stiff and coriac., the lamina diverging without constriction from the sheath; sheath to c. 7 cm. wide at base, white, very lightly clad in narrow scales; lamina not long-acuminate, adaxially pale green, without obvious pellicle except when very young, midrib sts reddish and several strong lateral nerves whitish; abaxial surface white with very close and persistent short scales except on subequal green nerves, c. 10 on each side of well defined, keeled midrib. Infl. closely enclosed by broad bases of spathes; male panicle 4–20 cm. long, ± lax; female panicle often only 3 × 3 cm. or less at fl., and very tightly compacted; racemes c. 5–10, simple. Fls pale on opening, becoming dark with exposure; tepals c. 5 mm. long, narrow and stellately patent in ♂, in ♀ broad and erect with revolute margins. Ovary 3-locular, elongate, us. angular by compression; style not differentiated. Fr. obconic, to 20 × 10 mm. but us. smaller and relatively broader, yellow-orange, seated in fleshy perianth.

[From: Moore and Edgar (1970) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 2.]

Indigenous (Endemic)

Flowering: Oct.–Jan.; Fruiting: Mar.–Apr.

Cockayne, L. 1899: Descriptions of new species of Astelia, Veronica, and Celmisia. Transactions of the New Zealand Institute 31: 419–424.
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