Scientific Name:
Caltha novae-zelandiae Hook.f., Bot. Antarct. Voy. II. (Fl. Nov.-Zel.) Part I, 12, t. 6 (1852)
  • Psychrophila novae-zelandiae (Hook.f.) W.A.Weber, Phytologia 51: 375 (1982)

Glab. perennial up to 18 cm. tall, us. less, with stout rhizome. Lvs radical, clustered; petiole slender, grooved, up to 10 cm. long, expanded to membr. sheathing base. Lamina 8–25 × 4–12 mm., about ovate-oblong to oblong, subcordate at 2-lobed base, slightly sinuate to entire, deeply emarginate at apex. Lobes upturned and ± appressed to lamina, at most to midway. Scape solitary, short, 1-fld, finally up to 14 cm. long. Sepals 5–7, pale yellow, 3-nerved, linear-subulate, attenuate. Stamens 15–20; carpels 6–12, ovate in outline, 4–5 mm. long; style rather stout, c. 2 mm. long. Ripe heads c. 1·5 cm. diam.; seeds 2–5 per follicle.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1.]

Indigenous (Endemic)

Flowering: Sep.–Nov.; Fruiting: Dec.–Mar.

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