Scientific Name:
Centella uniflora (Colenso) Nannf., Svensk Bot. Tidskr. 18: 413 (1924)
  • Hydrocotyle uniflora Colenso, Trans. & Proc. New Zealand Inst. 17: 239 (1884 [1885])
Vernacular Name(s):

Stems rather stout, branching, rooting at nodes. Lvs on petioles (1)–3–5–(15) cm. long; stipules ovate, up to c. 4 mm. long. Lamina glab. or sts loosely hairy towards base and on veins, orbicular to reniform, or oblong-reniform, (5)–10–(20) mm. diam., occ. larger; sinus open or base ± truncate; margins finely, regularly crenulate to nearly entire. Peduncles (2.5)–3–4–(25) mm. long, slender, ± pilose. Bracts 2, suborbicular to ovate, glab. Fls 1–2–(4), sessile, forming heads ± 5 mm. diam.; petals ovate, purple to whitish. Fr. suborbicular, somewhat compressed, c. 3–(4) mm. diam., with broad commissure. Mericarps rounded on dorsal edge, obscurely to distinctly 3–5–(7)-ribbed on face.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1.]

Indigenous (Non-endemic)

Flowering: Oct.–Mar.; Fruiting: Dec.–May.

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