Scientific Name:
Clematis cunninghamii Turcz.
  • Clematis parviflora A.Cunn., Ann. Nat. Hist. 4: 259 (1840) nom. illeg., non Clematis parviflora DC. 1823
  • = Clematis hillii Colenso, Trans. & Proc. New Zealand Inst. 31: 266 (1899)
Vernacular Name(s):
Akangākaukiore; Ngākau-kiore; Poko; Pokopoko; Pokopokonui-a-hura; Pōpokonui-a-hura

Evergreen woody climber. Lvs with fulvous hairs especially beneath, 3-foliolate, 3–8–(16) × 2–7–(16) cm; leaflets thin, ovate, acute to obtuse; margins entire to serrate, sometimes deeply lobed to dissected; petiole pilose, 2–5–(8) cm long. Fls unisexual, in axillary dichasial cymes. Bracts paired, united, inserted about middle of peduncle, with fulvous hairs. ♂ fls: sepals (5)–6–(8), imbricate, yellowish, glabrous above, hairy beneath, narrow-oblong to elliptic-oblong, 9–12–(22) × 2–5 mm; anthers 0.7–1 mm long; filaments glabrous. ♀ fls: sepals 5–8, imbricate, yellowish, glabrous above, hairy beneath, elliptic-ovate, 8–13–(15) × 2–3–(6) mm; staminodes few. Achenes hairy, (2)–3–4 mm long. Style 1.5–2.5–(3) cm long at fruiting.

[From: Webb et al. (1988) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 4.]

Indigenous (Endemic)

Flowering: Sep.–Nov.; Fruiting: Nov.–Jan.

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