Scientific Name:
Danhatchia australis (Hatch) Garay & Christenson, 11: 470 (1995)
  • Yoania australis Hatch, Trans. Roy. Soc. New Zealand, Bot. 2: 185 (1963)

Plant at fl. c. 3–20 cm. tall. Rhizome 3–5 mm. diam., much branched, bearing tufts of long, fine, colourless hairs, and vestigial scale-lvs. Stem erect and unbranched, pale rose colour, glandular-pubescent. Scale-lvs 1–7, c. 1–1.5 cm. long, paler than stem, many-nerved, those lower on the stem half-tubular, those higher up open-sheathed. Floral bracts similar, > very short pedicels. Fls us. 1–5, suberect. Per. c. 6 mm. long, brownish with white tips, ± glandular-pubescent externally. Dorsal sepal ± oblong, slightly concave; laterals similar, ± spreading. Petals similar, wholly included. Labellum sessile, almost orbicular to broad-oblong, ± embracing column; base broad, very slightly pouched, bearing on each side several fleshy hairs or elongated calli; median line thickened; sides becoming thick, fleshy and stiff towards tip and tuberculate externally; margins inturned, thin and membr.; mid-lobe very small, orbicular, deeply concave. Column almost as tall as labellum, subcylindric below with very narrow wings; filament broad, rigid; connective slightly produced; anther tall and erect, immobile, each cell with 2 sets of transversely oblique, closely packed, vermiform pollen-packets; stigma apparently bilobed, as if forming the top of a protruding funnel flanked by fleshy lobes that flare widely apart in old fls; rostellum long, narrow-triangular, wedged between the long pollinia, possibly topped by small dark knob. Seed elongate-cylindric with blunt ends.

[From: Moore and Edgar (1970) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 2 as Yoania australis Hatch]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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