Scientific Name:
Drymoanthus adversus (Hook.f.) Dockrill (1967)
  • Sarcochilus adversus Hook.f., Bot. Antarct. Voy. II. (Fl. Nov.-Zel.) Part I, 241 (1853)
  • = Sarcochilus breviscapa Colenso, Trans. & Proc. New Zealand Inst. 14: 332 (1881 [1882])

Plant a lfy tuft c. 4–12–(15) cm. diam., the roots us. much the longest parts. Stem to c. 5 cm. long,often much shorter, erect, lower part covered with imbricating old lf-bases. Green lvs at any one time c. 4–6–(9); lamina to c. 6 × 1.5 cm., elliptic-oblong, tip acute, slightly twisted, minutely 2-toothed when young, base meeting sheath along clearly defined abscission line. Racemes arising among or below green lvs, sts both a higher and a lower one produced in a single season; old raceme-axes persisting on lower part of stem for several years. Fls opp. to irregularly alternate, pedicel < to > small membr. bract. Per. greenish white flecked with red. Sepals and petals subequal, c. 3.5 × 1.5 mm. Labellum almost as long and broader, very fleshy, ± erect, smoothly convex externally, deeply channelled; mid-lobe distinct only as small cucullate tip; lateral lobes forming sides of clog-shaped structure and each with an internally projecting, partly transverse ridge. Column much shorter, broadly cylindric, its foot barely recognisable to quite well defined. Capsules c. 15 × 3.5 mm., large for size of raceme.

[From: Moore and Edgar (1970) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 2.]

Indigenous (Endemic)

Flowering: Oct.–Dec.

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