Scientific Name:
Dryopteris sieboldii (van Houtte ex Mett.) Kuntze, Revis. Gen. Pl. 2, 813 (1891)
  • Aspidium sieboldii van Houtte ex Mett., Fil. Hort. Bot. Lips. 87, t. 20, f. 1-4 (1856)
Type: Japan, Siebold (not located).
Named in honour of Philipp Franz von Siebold (1796–1866), a German physician and botanist who lived, worked and collected in Japan from 1823 to 1830.

Dryopteris sieboldii is a very distinct species with an erect rhizome and 1-pinnate, broadly oblong or broadly ovate, coriaceous laminae. There are up to four pairs of stalked, narrowly elliptic, entire pinnae tapering to acuminate apices, and a similar terminal pinna. The laminae are glabrous adaxially, with a few scattered scales abaxially. The sori are arranged in 3–4 irregular rows either side of the costae (Hoshizaki & Moran 2001; Zhang 2012; Wu et al. 2013).


North Island: Volcanic Plateau.

Altitudinal range: c. 300 m.

Collected once as a spontaneous occurrence in a garden near Rotorua.

Occurs naturally in China and Japan (Wu et al. 2013).


Recorded as self-sown on a crib wall near to cultivated parent plants.

 First Record

Heenan et al. (2008). Voucher AK 299456, 2006.

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