Scientific Name:
Dryopteris stewartii Fraser-Jenk., Kalikasan 7: 272 (1979)
Holotype: Pakistan, Hazara, Abbottabad District, 0.5 km N. of Changla Gali, Murree to Abbottabad, C.R. Fraser-Jenkins 6295, 25 July 1977, BM (n.v.; see Fraser-Jenkins et al. 2018)
Named in honour of Dr Ralph Randles Stewart (1890–1993), an American-born botanist who taught and studied plants in Pakistan for over 50 years. He is considered the father of systematic botany in Pakistan, and had a specialist interest in ferns.

Dryopteris stewartii has an erect rhizome and 2-pinnate, ovate laminae, which are yellow-green in colour. The stipe scales are narrowly ovate and dark brown. The laminae are ± glabrous adaxially, with very scattered tiny flat scales abaxially. The secondary pinnae are adnate or sessile on the primary pinna costae, and deeply toothed on their margins. They decrease in size to the primary pinna apices. The sori are arranged in one row either side of the costae, protected by reniform indusia (Hoshizaki & Moran 2001).


North Island: Northland.

Altitudinal range: c. 10 m.

Collected once as a garden escape in Kerikeri.

Occurs naturally in Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan and India (Fraser-Jenkins et al. 2018).


Recorded as self-sown in the nest leaves of ×Aglaonaria robertsii near cultivated parent plant.

 First Record

Heenan et al. (2008). Voucher AK 299450, 2006.

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