Scientific Name:
Epilobium alsinoides A.Cunn., Ann. Nat. Hist. 3: 32 (1839)
Original material (according to the protologue): "New Zealand (Northern Island). Between the Waimate and Keri-Keri Mission Stations, bay of Islands. – 1833, R. Cunningham". Type (fide Raven, Raven, 1976: 186): "Between the Waimate and Kerikeri Mission Stations, Bay of Islands, North Auckland, New Zealand, 1833, Richard Cunningham 540 (K. Isotype, WELT)". KW specimen: "Epilobium alsinoides | C. | In the Country between | Waimaté & Keri-Keri | N. Zealand. | 1833 RC.", KW001003054. Figure 1 (upper specimen). Syntype (or isolectotype?).

Low herb 1–36 cm tall, usually much-branched, with numerous basal leafy stolons. Stems usually strigillose, rarely with erect hairs, the hairs confined in some populations to the lines decurrent from the margins of petioles. Lamina of lf linear to ovate, 0.5–2 × 0.1–1.5 cm. Floral tube 0.5–1.5 mm deep, glabrous or somewhat strigillose outside. Petals white, sometimes flushed pink after pollination, 2.8–6 × 1.8–4.5 mm. Capsule glabrous to densely strigillose, 1.4–4 cm long; fruiting pedicel 1–10 cm long.

[From: Webb et al. (1988) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 4.]

Indigenous (Endemic)
Number of subspecific taxa in New Zealand within Epilobium alsinoides A.Cunn.
Indigenous (Endemic)3

Flowering: Sep.–Feb.

Cunningham, A. 1839: Florae insularum Novae Zelandiae precursor; or a specimen of the botany of the islands of New Zealand. Annals of Natural History 3: 29–34.
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