Scientific Name:
Epilobium billardiereanum DC., Prodr. [A. P. de Candolle] 3, 41 (1828) – as billardierianum

Erect herb 15–95 cm tall, with numerous leafy stolons from base, strigillose; the infl. often densely strigillose, and often also with erect glandular or eglandular hairs. Stems hairy all round or only along elevated lines running down from the subsessile lvs. Lamina of lf linear to ovate, 0.5–4 × 0.15–1.8 cm. Floral tube 0.6–1.8 mm deep, usually with a conspicuous ring of long hairs inside. Petals rose-purple or white, 3.5–13.5 × 2–7 mm. Capsule moderately to densely strigillose, often also glandular, 3–7.5 cm long; fruiting pedicel 0.6–2 cm long.

[From: Webb et al. (1988) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 4.]

Indigenous (Non-endemic)
Number of subspecific taxa in New Zealand within Epilobium billardiereanum DC.
Indigenous (Non-endemic)2
Presence uncertain1

Flowering: Dec.–Feb.

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