Scientific Name:
Epilobium porphyrium G.Simpson, Trans. Roy. Soc. New Zealand 75: 189 (1945)

Tufted herb, sometimes rooting near the base, 4–20 cm tall. Stems erect, often reddish, with fine lines of strigillose or erect eglandular hairs decurrent from margins of petioles. Lamina of lf elliptic, 6–15 × 3–7 mm. Floral tube 0.4–0.8 mm deep, glabrous. Petals white, later flushed pink, 3.2–5 × 2.2–2.6 mm. Capsule glabrous, 1.5–2.3 cm long, usually subsessile, rarely pedicellate.

[From: Webb et al. (1988) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 4.]

Indigenous (Endemic)

Flowering: Dec.–Mar.

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