Scientific Name:
Eucalyptus pulchella Desf.
Vernacular Name(s):
white peppermint

Small to large tree (up to c. 30 m high in cultivation), often with several trunks; bark thin and always deciduous, exposing the smooth, mottled, whitish or pale grey trunks. Lvs peppermint-scented; juvenile c. opposite for 10 pairs, sessile, ± narrow-lanceolate; base symmetric. Adult lvs with petiole < 7 mm long; lamina 4–9 × 0.3–0.5–(0.7) cm, linear or narrow-linear, green, subcoriaceous, with inconspicuous venation; base attenuate, symmetric; apex shortly aristate. Umbels axillary, usually of 7–13 fls; peduncle < 5 mm long, angular; pedicels very short. Buds < 4.5 mm long, clavate, green; operculum hemispheric, < hypanthium, apiculate or acute. Stamens white; anthers reniform. Fr. subsessile, 5–5.5 × 5–6.5 mm, broadly pyriform to almost hemispheric; valves 4, ± level with capsule rim; disc 1–1.5 mm wide, flat or ± convex.

[From: Webb et al. (1988) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 4.]


Flowering: Jul.–Mar.