Scientific Name:
Hemerocallis fulva (L.) L. (1762)
Vernacular Name(s):
Orange day lily

Large, clump-forming, rhizome spreading. Leaves 40–70–(90) × 1–3 cm, linear, equitant, later drooping, margins smooth. Inflorescence corymbose, to 15-flowered; scape stiff, bracteate, usually branched. Flowers 8–10 cm long, to 9 cm diam., widely funnel-shaped (often doubled), dull orange-red, strongly veined, not scented; pedicels short; bract scarious, < pedicel; perianth-tube very short; lobes recurved, inner broader with undulate margins. Ovary and ovules aborted.

[From: Healy and Edgar (1980) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 3.]


Flowering: Dec.–Jan.