Scientific Name:
Ixia polystachya L., Sp. Pl., ed. 2. 51–52 (1762)

Grass-like, tufted. Corm flattened-globose, ± 1.5 cm diam., tunic fibrous, light brown. Stems 30–120 cm high, slender or stout. Leaves 5–8, ± = stems, 2–8 mm wide. Inflorescence simple or laxly branched with 2–4 erect or ± spreading branches, main axis with 15–30 close-set flowers, branches with up to 10 flowers; spathe-valves c. 7 mm long, membranous, white occasionally violet-tinged and violet-veined. Flowers 2–3 cm diam., pale violet-blue or blue tinged with pink, white at centre with yellow patch; tube 0.5–1 cm long; lobes 1–1.5 cm long, outer with darker central purple stripe at back. Capsule 2.5–3 mm long, oblong to globose, brownish.

[From: Healy and Edgar (1980) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 3.]


Flowering: Oct.–Dec.

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