Scientific Name:
Kelleria laxa (Cheeseman) Heads in George, Fl. Austral. 18, 323 (1990)
  • Drapetes dieffenbachii var. laxa Cheeseman, Man. New Zealand Fl. 616 (1906)
  • Drapetes laxus (Cheeseman) Allan, Fl. New Zealand 1, 288 (1961)

Plant forming lax patches up to 30 cm. or more diam.; stems and branches prostrate and rooting, up to 4 mm. diam.; branchlets spreading to suberect, up to 5 cm. long, glabrate except at lf-bases. Lvs erecto-patent, densely imbricate, 4–5 × 1–1·5 mm., linear- to elliptic-oblong, rounded at apex, nearly flat, submembr.; venation us. evident, margins ciliate, apex penicillate. Fls 3–8 per head; scales 8, minute, distinct. Per. tube villous, 1·75–2 mm. long; lobes 1·5–1·75 mm. long, oblong. Ovary ovoid, villous at apex. Fr. ovoid, 2 mm. long.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1 as Drapetes laxus (Cheeseman) Allan]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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