Subordinate Taxa
Scientific Name:
Liliaceae Juss.
  • = Calochortaceae Dumort.

Perennial, erect or climbing herbs, rarely softly woody shrubs, with rhizomes, corms, or tunicate or scaly bulbs, roots sometimes tuberous. Leaves all basal, or cauline, or reduced to scales. Flowers bisexual, rarely unisexual, actinomorphic, in racemes, panicles, corymbs, terminal spathaceous umbels, or solitary. Perianth mostly petaloid, with or without tube; lobes usually 6 in 2 very similar whorls. Stamens usually 6, hypogynous or adnate to tepals; anther 2-locular, usually opening by longitudinal slits. Ovary superior or shortly adnate to perianth-tube, 3-locular with axile placentae (1-locular in some spp. of Astelia); ovules usually many, 2-seriate in each locule, rarely solitary. Fruit a loculicidal or septicidal capsule, or berry.

[From:  Healy and Edgar (1980) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 3.]

Number of species in New Zealand within Liliaceae Juss.
Exotic: Fully Naturalised4
Exotic: Casual4
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