Subordinate Taxa
Scientific Name:
Niphidium J.Sm., Hist. Fil. 99 (1875)
Type Taxon:
Niphidium americanum (Hook.) J.Sm.

Epiphytic or terrestrial ferns.  Rhizomes short to long-creeping, scaly.  Rhizome scales clathrate, squarrose.  Fronds monomorphic, articulated to rhizome, undivided, coriaceous, virtually glabrous.  Veins reticulate; areoles with free included veinlets; hydathodes often present.  Sori round or slightly elongate, superficial, arranged in single rows of 5–12 between the main lateral veins, not confluent with age; paraphyses present as abortive sporangia; exindusiate.  Spores monolete, bilaterally symmetrical, smooth to slightly papillate.


A genus of 10 species (Lellinger 1972).


A neotropical genus occurring from Cuba and Mexico to Argentina and Uruguay. One species casual in New Zealand.

Number of species in New Zealand within Niphidium J.Sm.
Exotic: Casual1
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