Subordinate Taxa
Scientific Name:
Odontosoria Fée, Mém. Foug., 5. Gen. Filic. 271 (1852)
Type Taxon:
Odontosoria uncinella (Kunze) Fée
From the Greek odonto- (toothed), and soros (sorus), a reference to the appearance of the sori.

Terrestrial ferns. Rhizomes short- to long-creeping, scaly. Rhizome scales non-clathrate, narrowly ovate or trichome-like. Fronds monomorphic. Stipes pale brown, glabrous. Laminae 2–4-pinnate, herbaceous or coriaceous, glabrous. Veins free. Sori oblong or slightly extended laterally, superficial, marginal or submarginal; paraphyses present. Indusia always present, attached at base and sides, opening towards the margin. Spores monolete or trilete, perispores smooth or granulate.


As circumscribed by Lehtonen et al. (2010), Odontosoria includes many species that were previously treated in Sphenomeris. It remains poorly defined morphologically, albeit genetically distinct from the other genera of Lindsaeaceae.


In New Zealand, Odontosoria can be distinguished from species of Lindsaea by its pale brown stipes, 3–4-pinnate laminae, and sori that are usually oblong. Species of Lindsaea have red-brown stipes, 1–3-pinnate-pinnatifid laminae, and sori that often curve around the lamina margins.


A pantropical genus of more than 20 species (Kramer 1990; Lehtonen et al. 2010), with 12 in the Neotropics and the remainder in the Old World tropics and Pacific islands. Absent from Australia (Kramer 1990). One species casual in New Zealand.

Number of species in New Zealand within Odontosoria Fée
Exotic: Casual1
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