Subordinate Taxa
Scientific Name:
Paesia A.St.-Hil., Voy. Distr. Diam. 1, 381 (1833)
Type Taxon:
Paesia viscosa J.St.-Hil.
Named in honour of Fernando Dias Paes Leme (1608–1681), Portuguese administrator of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Terrestrial or rupestral ferns. Rhizomes long-creeping, bearing red-brown multicellular hairs. Fronds monomorphic or slightly dimorphic. Stipes hairy. Laminae 3–4-pinnate-pinnatifid, herbaceous or coriaceous, bearing glandular and/or non-glandular hairs; primary pinnae stalked, lacking basal pinnule-like stipules. Veins free except for a marginal connecting vein. Sori more or less continuous around the lamina margin, borne on the connecting vein, superficial; paraphyses absent. Outer indusium formed from the reflexed membranous lamina margin, opening inwards; inner indusium also present, margin irregularly toothed. Spores monolete, coarsely rugose.


Paesia is a clearly defined genus within Dennstaedtiaceae.


Paesia can be recognised by its long-creeping rhizomes, highly divided laminae sometimes bearing glandular hairs, and sori that are more or less continuous around the lamina margins protected by the inrolled lamina margin and a true inner indusium.


A genus of about 12 species with two species in tropical America, and the others in eastern Asia and the Pacific (Kramer 1990).  Absent from Australia. One endemic species in New Zealand.

Indigenous (Non-endemic)
Number of species in New Zealand within Paesia A.St.-Hil.
Indigenous (Endemic)1

The base chromosome number in Paesia is x = 26 (Brownsey 1983; Kramer 1990).

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