Scientific Name:
Parsonsia capsularis var. rosea (Raoul) Cockayne

Robust liane up to c.8 m. tall, much-branched; branchlets slender, ± pubescent. Lvs on pubescent petioles up to ± 6 mm. long. Lamina subcoriac., linear to narrow-oblong to lanceolate, often widest at base and gradually tapering to apex; (3)–6–8–(10) cm. × (2)–3–5–(10) mm.; base truncate to subcordate to cuneately narrowed; apex ± acute, sts apiculate (an occ. lamina obtuse to retuse); margins mostly entire or mostly rather coarsely lobulate (us. on separate plants). Fls ± 5–6 mm. long, in lax subpaniculate cymes up to c.10 cm. long; bracts sts foliaceous, us. small; peduncles and pedicels pubescent. Calyx deeply cut; lobes narrow ovate-lanceolate, ± = corolla-tube. Corolla rose to dark red, lobes narrow-ovate to almost linear, acute. Stamens exserted; anthers acute at apex, sagittate at base. Follicles up to ± 12 cm. × 5 mm.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1.]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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