Scientific Name:
Pittosporum rangitahua E.K.Cameron & Sykes, Bull. Auckland Mus. 20: 253-259 (2015)
Holotype: NEW ZEALAND, Kermadec Islands, Raoul Island, Hutchison Bluff Track, E.K. Cameron 7935, 25 Nov 1995, AK 225422.
Named after the only known locality of the species, from the Māori name for Raoul Island (Anderson 1980) – Rangitahua translates as ‘fire in the sky’ indicating evidence of its volcanic eruptions (Harris 2001).
Indigenous (Endemic)
Cameron, E.K.; Sykes, W.R. 2015: Pittosporum rangitahua sp. nov., from Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands, northern New Zealand. Bulletin of the Auckland Museum 20: 253–162.
de Lange, P.J.; Rolfe, J.R.; Barkla J.W.; Courtney, S.P.; Champion, P.D.; Perrie, L.R.; Beadel, S.N.; Ford, K.A.; Breitwieser, I.; Schönberger, I.; Hindmarsh-Walls, R.; Heenan, P.B.; Ladley, K. 2018: Conservation status of New Zealand indigenous vascular plants, 2017. New Zealand Threat Classification Series. No. 22. [Recovering]