Scientific Name:
Pittosporum roimata Gemmill & S.N.Carter in Carter et al., Syst. Bot. 43: 636-641 (2018)
TYPE: NEW ZEALAND, North Island, Poor Knights Islands, Tawhiti Rahi. Beneath pohutakawa forest on summit plateau. Terrestrial, flowers yellow. 9 Sept. 1980 A. E. Wright 3951 (holotype: AK 155344).
The Maori specific epithet ‘roimata’ was chosen through consultation with Te Whakapiko te hapu o Ngati Manaia te iwi, Whananaki, Aotearoa. We quote the kaumatua Marie Tautari and David Peters here: “According to oral tradition after the massacre took place on the Poor Knights two canoe loads of the dead were taken to the mainland at Whananaki and buried at a place called Roimata.
Indigenous (Endemic)
Carter, S.N.; Miller, S.; Meyer, S.J.; Gemmill, C.E.C. 2018: A new species of Pittosporum described from the Poor Knights Islands, Northland, Aotearoa/New Zealand. Systematic Botany 43(2): 633–643.