Subordinate Taxa
Scientific Name:
Platycerium Desv., Mém. Soc. Linn. Paris 6: 213 (1827)
Type Taxon:
Platycerium alicorne Desv.
From the Greek platys (flat or broad), and keras (a horn), a reference to the fertile fronds ressembling the horns of a stag.

Epiphytic ferns.  Rhizomes short-creeping, scaly.  Rhizome scales non-clathrate, chaffy.  Fronds dimorphic; basal fronds sterile, cordate, overlapping, appressed, entire or variously lobed, becoming brown with age, forming a ‘nest’ or ‘basket’; upper foliage fronds sterile or fertile, articulated to rhizome, dichotomously branched, strap-like, coriaceous, covered with stellate hairs.  Major veins dichotomously branched; minor veins reticulate; areoles with or without free included veinlets; hydathodes absent.  Sporangia in dense patches on various parts of the abaxial lamina surface; paraphyses present as stellate hairs; exindusiate.  Spores monolete, bilaterally symmetrical, plain to tuberculate.


A genus of about 18 species (Hennipman & Roos 1982, Bostock & Spokes 1998).


Pantropical with one species in South America, six in Africa and Madagascar, eight in south east Asia, and four in Australia. One species casual in New Zealand.

Number of species in New Zealand within Platycerium Desv.
Exotic: Casual1
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