Subordinate Taxa
Scientific Name:
Platycerium Desv., Mém. Soc. Linn. Paris 6: 213 (1827)
Type Taxon:
Platycerium alicorne Desv.
From the Greek platys (flat or broad), and keras (a horn), a reference to the fertile fronds ressembling the horns of a stag.

Epiphytic ferns. Rhizomes short-creeping, terete, lacking cavities, not pruinose, scaly. Rhizome scales non-clathrate, chaffy. Fronds dimorphic; basal fronds sterile, cordate, overlapping, appressed, entire or variously lobed, becoming brown with age, forming a ‘nest’ or ‘basket’; upper foliage fronds sterile or fertile, articulated to rhizome, dichotomously branched, strap-like, coriaceous, covered with stellate hairs. Major veins dichotomously branched; minor veins reticulate; areoles with or without free included veinlets; hydathodes absent. Sporangia in dense patches on various parts of the abaxial lamina surface; paraphyses present as stellate hairs; exindusiate. Spores monolete, bilaterally symmetrical, plain to tuberculate.


A genus of about 18 species (Hennipman & Roos 1982Bostock & Spokes 1998; PPG 1 2016).


Pantropical with one species in South America, six in Africa and Madagascar, eight in south-east Asia, and four in Australia. One species casual in New Zealand.

Number of species in New Zealand within Platycerium Desv.
Exotic: Casual1
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