Scientific Name:
Pseudowintera traversii (Buchanan) Dandy, J. Bot. (Hooker) 71: 122 (1933)
  • Hymenanthera traversii Buchanan, Trans. & Proc. New Zealand Inst. 15: 339, t. 28, f. 1 (1882 [1883])
  • = Drimys traversii Kirk, Trans. New Zealand Inst. 30: 379 (1898)
  • = Wintera monogyna Tiegh. (1900)

Depressed to erect compactly branched shrub up to 1 m. or more tall; bark rough, reddish brown; branchlets ± viscid. Lvs close-set, on stout appressed or ascending petioles c. 5 mm. long; lamina 10–25 × 6–10 mm., obovate-oblong to obovate, very thick and coriac., dull green above, glaucous below; margins somewhat thickened; midrib alone evident below. Fls solitary or 2–(3) together, on decurved pedicels 1–5 mm. long. Calyx entire, or with 1–2 very shallow lobes; petals 5–6, greenish yellow, oblong to narrow-obovate, 4–5 mm. long; stamens 5–6; carpel us. solitary; fr. c. 2–3 mm. diam., depressed-obovoid, mesocarp slightly fleshy; seeds 3–6, angled.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1.]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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