Scientific Name:
Pterostylis banksii A.Cunn. in Curtis, Curtis's Botanical Magazine t. 3172 (1832)
  • = Pterostylis macrophylla A.Cunn. ex Hook.f. nom. illeg.
  • = Pterostylis emarginata Colenso, Trans. New Zealand Inst. 15: 328 (1882 [1883])
Vernacular Name(s):

Plant c. 10–30–(50) cm. tall at fl. Stem erect, smooth, internodes < lvs. Lvs mostly 4–6, the size changing from below upwards, the largest lf on a stem c. 5–25 × 1–1.5–(2) cm.; all linear-lanceolate, ± keeled, acuminate to long acuminate, widest near sessile sheathing base, us. overtopping fl. Fl. solitary, ovary us. erect. Dorsal sepal 3–4–(5) cm. tall, distal part us. ± horizontal in fully open fl., tip caudate and sts > 2 cm. long; lateral sepals diverging at a narrow angle, tips long-caudate, much overtopping galea, variously bent. Petals us. much shorter than dorsal sepal, acuminate. Labellum elliptic-oblong, little arched, ± flat in T.S., narrowing slightly towards apex, bent forward smoothly and symmetrically between lateral sepals, midrib only moderately prominent and becoming evanescent in the obtuse and faintly emarginate tip, the margins there not infrequently narrowly rolled under giving a minutely cucullate effect. Column about as tall as labellum or a little taller; stigma relatively long, narrower than column and not prominent.

[From: Moore and Edgar (1970) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 2.]

Indigenous (Endemic)

Flowering: Oct.–Dec.

Colenso, W. 1883: Descriptions of a few new indigenous plants. Transactions of the New Zealand Institute 15: 320–339.
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