Scientific Name:
Pterostylis brumalis L.B.Moore, New Zealand J. Bot. 6: 485 (1969)
  • Diplodium brumale (L.B.Moore) D.L.Jones, Molloy & M.A.Clem. in Jones & Clements, 4: 70 (2002) – as brumalis

Plant to c. 20 cm. tall, often less. Stem slender, smooth, often reddish, internodes us. rather < lvs. Petiolate lvs. in separate rosettes or at base of fl.-stem; lamina c. 5–12 × 5–12 mm., ovate-orbicular, surface not rugose; petiole well defined, sts > lamina. Cauline lvs several, mostly sessile, the lowest 1–2 sts ± like rosette lvs; lamina c. 1.5–4 cm. × 2–7 mm., linear-lanceolate to narrow-elliptic, uppermost us. overtopping ovary but rarely reaching height of galea. Fl. us. solitary, erect. Dorsal sepal c. 1.5–2–(3) cm. tall, tip acuminate, us. ± down-curved; lateral sepals diverging at wide angle forming U or wide W from front view, this region abruptly prominent in side view, tips long-caudate and much overtopping galea. Petals almost as long as dorsal sepal, a broad, ± horizontal marginal strip exposed. Labellum narrow-triangular, arched and protruding, apex subacute. Column shorter than labellum; stigma elliptic, slightly prominent.

[From: Moore and Edgar (1970) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 2 as Pterostylis brumalis L.B.Moore]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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