Scientific Name:
Spergularia marina (L.) Griseb. (1843)
  • Arenaria rubra var. β marina L., Sp. Pl. 423 (1753)
  • Arenaria marina (L.) All. (1785)
  • = Spergularia salina J.Presl & C.Presl (1819)
  • = Spergularia rupestris var. elongata Fenzl in Endlicher et al., Enum. Pl. (Endlicher) 9 (1837)
  • Spergularia rubra var. elongata (Fenzl) Hook.f., Bot. Antarct. Voy. III. (Fl. Tasman.) Part I, 41 (1855)
  • = Spergularia rubra var. marina Hook.f., Handb. New Zealand Fl. 25 (1864)
Vernacular Name(s):
Sea spurrey

Taprooted annual or biennial, rarely perennial. Stems decumbent, sparsely covered in glandular hairs above, or glabrous, 3–7–(10) cm long. Lvs not fascicled, fleshy, linear, obtuse or mucronate, 3–8–(12) × 1 mm, the lower glabrous, the upper with sparse glandular hairs. Stipules pale, not very silvery, connate for c. 1/2 of length and forming a short sheath, broadly triangular, subacute to acute, 1–1.5–(2) × 1–2 mm. Infl. a dichasium, few-flowered. Pedicels (1)–2–6–(10) mm long, with glandular hairs. Sepals obtuse, 2–3.5 mm long, with glandular hairs; margins scarious. Petals pink or white, < sepals. Stamens 1–5–(8). Capsule c. = to slightly > sepals. Seeds ovoid, brown, smooth, not winged, 0.5–0.6 mm long.

[From: Webb et al. (1988) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 4.]


Flowering: Dec.–Mar.; Fruiting: Dec.–Mar.

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