Habitat: bank, coast, dry, flat , forest, forest edge, grassland, gravel, hill, lowland, margin, open, pasture, ridge, riverbed, roadside, sand, shrubland, silt, slope, stone, terrace, track, tree, wasteland

Dispersal: Seed

  • an upright and much-branched shrub with greenish-brown, five-angled stems.
  • its small softly hairy leaves usually have three leaflets (5-20 mm long and 1.5-10 mm wide).
  • its leaves are alternately arranged or clustered together on the branches, however some branches may be almost leafless.
  • its bright yellow, pea-shaped, flowers (15-25 mm long) are borne singly, or in pairs, in the leaf forks near the tips of the branches.
  • its flattened, elongated pods (25-70 mm long and 8-13 mm wide) are hairy along their margins and turn brown or black as they mature.

[From: Environmental Weeds of Australia]

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