Subordinate Taxa
Scientific Name:
Alchemilla L., Sp. Pl. 123 (1753)
Type Taxon:
Alchemilla vulgaris
Vernacular Name(s):
Lady's mantle

Short-stemmed, perennial herbs;  branches short;  rhizomes woody.  Lvs mostly basal, palmate or palmately lobed, usually dentate;  stipules large and persistent.  Infl. a compound cyme with fls aggregated into glomerules. Fls 4–(5)-merous, small, yellowish or greenish, shortly pedicellate, ☿.  Hypanthium campanulate or urceolate.  Epicalyx present, the lobes sometimes > calyx lobes.  Calyx with ± triangular sepals.  Petals 0.  Stamens 4–(5), inserted on outer margin of hypanthium disc.  Ovary superior, surrounded by the hypanthium;  carpel 1;  style 1; ovule 1.  Fr. a single achene, wholly or partly enclosed in the thin, dry hypanthium.

[From:  Webb et al. (1988) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 4.]

Number of species in New Zealand within Alchemilla L.
Exotic: Casual2
Linnaeus, C. 1753: Species Plantarum. Impensis Laurentii Salvii, Stockholm.
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