Subordinate Taxa
Scientific Name:
Dipogon Liebm., Ind. Sem. Hort. Hauniense 27 (1854)

Climbing perennial herb; stems rounded, woody at base.  Lvs 3-foliolate, stipellate; petiolules unequal; stipules simple, striate. Infl. axillary, racemose, few- to many-flowered.  Calyx campanulate; calyx teeth much < tube;  2 upper teeth united in a 2-toothed lip. Keel curved through 90°; stamens diadelphous;  anthers uniform. Style thickened, inflexed upwards and bearded near stigma; ovules numerous. Pod compressed, 2-valved;  seeds slightly strophiolate; hilum 3/10 circumference.

[From:  Webb et al. (1988) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 4.]

Number of species in New Zealand within Dipogon Liebm.
Exotic: Fully Naturalised1
Liebmann, F.M. 1854: Index Seminum in Horto Academico Haunensi.
Mabberley, D.J. 2008: Mabberley's plant book, a portable dictionary of plants, their classification and uses. Edition 3. Cambridge University Press.