Scientific Name:
Genista L., Sp. Pl. 709-711 (1753)
  • = Teline Medik.

Shrubs or small trees, not armed.  Lvs 3-foliolate, usually petiolate, rarely apetiolate;  stipules usually present, rarely 0.  Infls racemose, axillary or terminal;  bracts and bracteoles small, caducous.  Calyx tubular, bilabiate; upper lip deeply 2-fid;  lower lip with 3 distinct lobes. Corolla yellow. Stamens connate into a closed tube;  alternate anthers long and basifixed or short and versatile.  Style glabrous;  stigma terminal.  Pod 2-valved, ± straight, explosively dehiscent, 2–8-seeded; seeds strophiolate, smooth.

[From:  Webb et al.  (1985) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 4 as Teline Medik.]

Number of species in New Zealand within Genista L.
Exotic: Fully Naturalised4
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