Scientific Name:
Prunus L., Sp. Pl. 473 (1753)
  • = Cerasus Mill.
  • = Armeniaca Scop., Meth. Pl. (Scopoli) 15 (1754)
Vernacular Name(s):
cherry; Peach; Plum

Perennial shrubs or trees, often deciduous, sometimes evergreen, unarmed or spiny;  stems erect to wide-spreading, often with well developed trunk;  young shoots glabrate to tomentose.  Lvs distributed along long shoots, sometimes ± in clusters, simple, entire, crenate or 1–2-serrate; stipules free, frequently deciduous.  Infl. an umbel, corymb, raceme or cluster, sometimes fls solitary or paired, usually on short shoots and subtended by many imbricate bracts.  Fls 5-merous, ☿, often showy, usually preceding lvs in deciduous spp.  Hypanthium concave or  ± campanulate to cylindric.  Epicalyx 0.  Sepals very variable in length, deciduous.  Petals usually 5 (sometimes many in cvs), usually spreading, occasionally the lower parts appearing to form a ± campanulate tube, white or pink to red.  Stamens 15–50.  Ovary superior; carpel 1;  style 1; ovules 2 but 1 usually aborting.  Fr. a drupe with fleshy pericarp enclosing a hard, stony endocarp;  seed usually 1.

[From:  Webb et al. (1988) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 4.]

Number of species and named hybrids in New Zealand within Prunus L.
Exotic: Fully Naturalised10
Exotic: Casual5
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