Scientific Name:
Archeria racemosa Hook.f.

Erect shrub up to c. 5 m. tall; branches spreading; bark black. Lvs patent, coriac., ± fascicled, rigid, subsessile or cuneately narrowed to very short flat petiole; ± 25–40 × 8–12 mm., about obovate- to elliptic-oblong; veins 3–5, rather indistinct; margins slightly recurved; apex acute, apiculate, sts almost pungent. Infl. us. a solitary terminal raceme, occ. 2–3 together, 25–40 mm. long, 10–20–(30)-fld; axis pubescent, pedicels short, stout, curved. Bracts pinkish, ciliolate, caducous, basal one up to 1 cm. long, remaining pair smaller and adjacent to calyx. Fls c. 6 mm. long; calyx-lobes almost free, c. 2 mm. long, oblong-lanceolate, obtuse; margins ciliolate. Corolla c. 6mm. long; tube 4 mm. long; lobes 2 mm. long, ovate-oblong, us, bright pink. Ovary deeply 5-lobed; style stout, persistent. Capsule 2–3 mm. diam., subglobose; locules 5–(3)

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1.]

Indigenous (Endemic)

Flowering: Jan.–Feb.; Fruiting: Feb.–Apr.

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