Scientific Name:
Azorella cockaynei Diels (1908)
  • Schizeilema cockaynei (Diels) Cheeseman, Man. New Zealand Fl., ed. 2, 652-653 (1925)

Tiny herb with very slender to filiform rhizomes or stolons rooting at nodes, forming small patches. Lvs simple, clustered at nodes, on capillary petioles up to 15 mm. long. Lamina subcoriac., ± 2–4 mm. diam., suborbicular to broad-ovate; margins slightly thickened, not or slightly recurved; entire. Stipules triangular-ovate, ± 1·5 mm. long. Umbels on filiform peduncles up to 2 cm. long. Involucral bracts minute, ovate. Fls 3–4 on pedicels ± 1 mm. long. Calyx-teeth short, broadly triangular; petals deciduous, ± 8 mm. long. Fr. c. 1·5 mm. long, subtetragonous; mericarps plainly 5-ribbed.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1. as Schizeilema cockaynei (Diels) Cheeseman]

Indigenous (Endemic)

Flowering: Nov.–Dec.; Fruiting: Jan.

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