Scientific Name:
Azorella colensoi (Domin) G.M.Plunkett & A.N.Nicolas, Brittonia 69: epublished (2016)
  • Schizeilema colensoi Domin, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 40: 580 (1908)

Stems us. above ground, filiform or nearly so, creeping, branching, rooting, at nodes. Lvs on filiform petioles up to ± 2 cm. long; stipules minute, fimbriate. Lamina glab. or with a few cilia, 3-partite to base; 1flts membr., obovate-cuneate, sessile or subsessile, 2.5–5–(10) mm. long, with rounded lobe at apex and lateral pair of blunt teeth, to retuse or entire; margins slightly thickened and recurved. Umbels simple, (3)–5–6–(10) -fld, on filiform, branched, ± ciliolate peduncles up to c. 2 cm. long. Involucral bracts narrow-linear to narrow-lanceolate, acuminate. F1s minute, on pedicels ± 1–(3) mm. long; petals ovate, acute. Fr. tetragonous, ± 3 × 2 mm.; mericarps distinctly 5-ribbed.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1. as Schizeilema colensoi Domin]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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Plunkett, G.M; Nicolas, A.N. 2017: Assessing Azorella (Apiaceae) and its allies: Phylogenetics and a new classification. Brittonia 69(1): 31–61. [First Online: 15 September 2016]