Scientific Name:
Brachyglottis buchananii (J.B.Armstr.) B.Nord., Opera Bot. 44: 29 (1978)
  • Senecio buchananii J.B.Armstr., N.Z. Ctry. J. 3: 56 (1879) – as Senecio buchanani
  • = Senecio bennettii Simpson & J.S.Thomson, Trans. & Proc. Roy. Soc. New Zealand 72: 39 (1942)

Compactly branched shrub up to 3 m. tall; branchlets ribbed, clad as are infl.-branchlets in appressed whitish tomentum. Lvs 5–10 × 3–5 cm., on grooved petioles up to 5 cm. long, elliptic, narrowed towards apex and base, subcoriac., glab. and shining above, veins evident; below clad in appressed silvery-white to greyish tomentum, midrib rather prominent. Panicle up to 25 cm. long, laxly branched, lower bracts foliaceous; pedicels up to 2 cm. long, woolly-tomentose. Capitula campanulate, up to 1 cm. diam., discoid; phyll. linear-oblong, subcoriac., subacute to obtuse, woolly-tomentose on back. ♀ up to 5, disk-florets ∞.Achenes 2.5–3 mm. long, striate, rough-pubescent; pappus-hairs up to 5 mm. long, finely barbellate.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1 as Senecio bennettii Simpson & J.S.Thomson]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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