Scientific Name:
Brachyglottis laxifolia (Buchanan) B.Nord., Opera Bot. 44: 29 (1978)
  • Senecio laxifolius Buchanan, Trans. New Zealand Inst. 2: 89 (1870)

Laxly branched shrub up to 1 m. tall; branchlets tomentose when young. Lvs rather close-set; lamina ± 2–6 × 1–2 cm., subcoriac., elliptic to lanceolate-oblong, acute, narrowed to petiole up to 4 cm. long, becoming nearly glab. above, clad in dense white tomentum below, distantly and obscurely crenate-sinuate to entire, midrib evident. Capitula loosely paniculately arranged on slender bracted branchlets; ultimate branchlets 3–5 cm. long. Capitula up to 2 cm. diam.; phyll. linear-oblong, obtuse to subacute, tomentose on back, inner with scarious margins. Ray-florets 10–15, up to c. 8 mm. long, spreading, yellow. Achenes linear-oblong, grooved, sparsely pubescent, c. 2 mm. long; pappus-hairs up to 5 mm. long, slender, barbellate.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1 as Senecio laxifolius Buchanan]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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