Scientific Name:
Carex applanata Thorsen & de Lange, New Zealand J. Bot. 54: 336-342 (2016)
Holotypus: M.J. Thorsen 45/08, 8 Apr 2008, Central Otago Ecological Region, Old Man Ecological District, Old Woman Range, AK 302066
The epithet ‘applanata’ meaning ‘appearing horizontally flattened’ alludes to the flattened growth form of this species, partly due to the prolonged snow burial it endures.
Indigenous (Endemic)
de Lange, P.J.; Rolfe, J.R.; Barkla J.W.; Courtney, S.P.; Champion, P.D.; Perrie, L.R.; Beadel, S.N.; Ford, K.A.; Breitwieser, I.; Schönberger, I.; Hindmarsh-Walls, R.; Heenan, P.B.; Ladley, K. 2018: Conservation status of New Zealand indigenous vascular plants, 2017. New Zealand Threat Classification Series. No. 22. [Naturally Uncommon]
Thorsen, M.J.; de Lange, P.J. 2016: Carex applanata (Cyperaceae), a new species from southern New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany 54(3): 335–343.