Scientific Name:
Carex hamlinii K.A.Ford in Global Carex Group, Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 179: 32 (2015)
  • = Uncinia astonii Hamlin, 19: 64 (1959)
The epithet of the species is adopted to recognize Bruce G. Hamlin (1929–1976) and his important contributions to the flora of New Zealand, where this species is found.

Densely caespitose. Culms 20–35–(60) cm. long, < 0.5 mm. diam., glab.; basal bracts light brown. Lvs 3–6 per culm, = or < culms, 1–2 mm. wide, light yellow-green or rarely red, occ. involute, rather wiry, margins finely scabrid. Spikes (4)–6–10 cm. × 3–5 mm., occ. bracteate, female fls c. 10–20, distant in lower third of spike with internodes to 9 mm. long, more crowded above with internodes 2–5 mm. long. Glumes us. = but occ. < or > utricles, deciduous, lanceolate, acute, hyaline, light brown throughout. Utricles (5.5)–6–7 × c. 1 mm., plano-convex or subtrigonous, elliptic-lanceolate, grey-green, membr., nerved, erect or spreading when ripe, distinctly contracted below to a stipe slightly < 1.5 mm. long, gradually tapered above to a beak 1.5–2 mm. long.

[From:  Moore and Edgar (1970) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 2. as Uncinia astonii Hamlin]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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Hamlin, B.G. 1959: A Revision of the Genus Uncinia (Cyperaceae Caricoideae) in New Zealand. Dominion Museum Bulletin 19: 1–106.