Scientific Name:
Carex hirta L. (1753)

Tufts 40–60 cm high from an often far-extending rhizome. Stems 3-angled, smooth, erect. Leaves 2–4–(9) mm wide, < stems, flat or ± channelled, both surfaces with ± scattered fine white hairs; upper sheaths densely pubescent near junction with lamina, ± glabrous below, lower sheaths dark red-brown. Inflorescence with long wide leaf-like bracts below; lower spikes distant. Male spikes 2–3, 1.5–2 cm × ± 3 mm, sessile, fusiform; glumes obovate, ± mucronate, hairy, red-brown. Female spikes 2–3, 2–4.5 cm × 3–6 mm, on long, erect, usually half-ensheathed peduncles; glumes < utricles, ovate, hyaline, tapering to a long green scabrid awn. Utricles ± 6 × 2 mm, ovoid, greenish-brown, distinctly nerved, hairy; beak ± 2 mm long, deeply bifid, scabrid; stipe 0. Stigmas 3. Nut obovoid, trigonous, stipitate.

[From:  Healy and Edgar (1980) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 3.]