Scientific Name:
Carex longii Mack. (1923)

Loose tufts to ±40 cm high. Stems ±stout, 3-angled, scabrid on angles below inflorescence. Leaves < stems, ± 2 mm wide; sheaths light brown. Inflorescence 1.5–4 cm long, of 3–6 somewhat separated, ovoid, greenish or greenish-brown sessile spikes; one or two lower spikes with a setaceous bract < inflorescence. Spikes androgynous, male flowers at base. Glumes shorter and much narrower than utricles, obtuse or subacute, hyaline with green midrib. Utricles ± 3.5 × 2 mm, flat, widely winged, minutely scabrid on margins of upper half, broadly obovate, widest just above nut, faintly to strongly few- to many-nerved on each face, sessile, rounded at base, ± abruptly contracted to a beak 0.5–1 mm long. Stigmas 2. Nut oblong, yellowish-brown.

[From: Healy and Edgar (1980) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 3.]