Scientific Name:
Carex otrubae Podp. (1922)

Stout, tufted, to 60 cm high. Stems sharply 3-angled, scabrid just below inflorescence. Leaves to 10 mm wide, < stems, ± flat, margins finely scabrid, abaxial surface septate-nodulose, sheaths whitish above, light brown at base, dull. Inflorescence 4.5–5.5 × ± 1.5 cm, a spike-like panicle sometimes with conspicuous setaceous bracts. Spikes numerous, sessile crowded, yellowish-green to light brown, androgynous, male flowers at top. Glumes < utricles, ovate, acuminate, hyaline with brownish margins and green midrib. Utricles 4–5 mm long, ovate, plano-convex, greenish, becoming dark brown, distinctly nerved, margins in upper 1/3 finely scabrid, tapering gradually to the short bifid beak. Stigmas 2. Nut ± flat, broadly elliptical.

[From:  Healy and Edgar (1980) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 3.]