Scientific Name:
Carex virgata Sol. ex Boott in Hooker, Bot. Antarct. Voy. II. (Fl. Nov.-Zel.) Part I, 282 (1853)
  • Carex paniculata var. virgata (Boott) Cheeseman, Trans. New Zealand Inst. 16: 427 (1884)
  • Carex appressa var. virgata (Boott) Kük., Pflanzenr. (Engler) 38 , (1909)
  • = Carex discolor Reinw. ex de Vriese (1857)
Vernacular Name(s):
swamp sedge

Dense harshly scabrid tussocks to 1.2 m high. Inflorescence a narrow panicle 10–26 cm long with stiff erect branches. Spikes numerous, sessile, light grey- or yellow-brown, male flowers at top. Utricles greyish-brown, nerved. Stigmas 2.

[From: Healy and Edgar (1980) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 3.]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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